Murder Mystery Live Experience

Our Murder Mystery Live Experience is a fun-packed, dramatic and truly interactive evening that lends itself perfectly to social distancing and all safety regulations. It can be run as the perfect in-house entertainment for your guests during these challenging times.

Safe & Socially Distanced

Come To You

Professional Actors

COVID Suitable Entertainment


Our unique Murder Mystery Live Event has been specially designed for hotels, restaurants and bars as a form of COVID friendly entertainment. The event is ideally suited as a dinner or stand alone show with no need for any special set-up at your end. As dance floors are currently not an option this event is a fantastic alternative to live music.

Murder Mystery Live Experience involves crowd participation for those who would like to join in and figure out who the killer is. Each table in the venue becomes a team should they wish to participate, similar to a table quiz. Our professional actors engage with the audience as various characters to help the audience truly get involved.


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Minimum Audience Size: 10
Maximum Audience Size: 80

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How To Book a Murder Mystery Live Experience

Similar to booking a band you simply let us know the dates you would like. You can book which package you would like on an estimated audience size, this can be refined at a later date at no charge. We will then hold the slot our actors for your date and in doing so we simply require a non-refundable €100 booking deposit.

Choose Your Date

Simply choose a date that suits you. Pick a package based on the number of guests you expect to have. Pay the €100 deposit to secure.

Choose a Package

As we get closer to the event you can refine which package you would like at no extra charge up until 14 days prior to the event taking place. At the 14 day mark we require the remainder of the balance to be paid.

Event Date

We will arrive before the event is due to take place to set-up. This can be done while guests are present and we do not require a special room. The event is extremely flexible and can take place in a bar, restaurant, club or conference room.

What Your Guests Will Experience

This is a very entertaining and funny event with the emphasis on interaction, fun and a little bit of good detective work. The event is run by highly experienced professional actors, who have extensive resumes in Theatre, TV and Film.

Mobsters & Molls Murder Mystery Scenario

A Mobsters and Molls scenario is our top pick for your murder mystery theme because we find it’s the best way to get your guests actively engaging with the event – it’s easy to be a gangster!

We call it ‘Who killed Don Ballsini!?’

Like they say in the old country, ‘What goes on in the family – stays in the family’ and tonight, things ain’t no different. The Don has called a party for all the major families to announce his retirement and nominate his heir……but there’s murder in the air!

Any Questions?

Can I change the package I have booked?

Yes, you can change the package any time up until 14 days prior to the event taking place.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, to confirm a booking we need a €100 deposit to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable.

Does it have to occur over dinner?

No. This event can happen in a casual pub setting where people are simply drinking, it can take place in a conference room or a restaurant. We are very flexible and can adapt the show to any (almost) environment, including the outdoors.

Have you much experience organising these events?

Yes, we have run 100s of Murder Mystery events with great success. Typically we deal with corporates and stag and hen groups. We believe this new format is a winner for those who book it as their guests will remember this experience for a long time to come.

IHow many actors will we have?

This depends on the audience size. A group of less than 20 participants only require one actor, for 21-40 guests we would supply two actors, for 41-60 guests there would be 3 actors and for 61 to 80 guests you would have 4 actors. 

The actor to audience member ratio is crucial to the success of the event. If you are unsure of the exact numbers it is always better to have 1 extra actor than 1 too few as the audience simply cannot enjoy it to its full potential.

Is the event suitable for all ages?

Yes of course. Our actors will gauge the audience members on arrival and during the show to make sure that their performance is at all times catered towards the audience demographic.